Oh how indecisive the NBA fans and critics are. The big picture is to win titles. Not to have 60 or 70 plus wins in the regular season. When those numbers were accomplished, the first thing someone would point out is whether or not that team won the title. 
There’s a new way now to better a team’s chance to win that title that the fans and critics crave to measure greatness. It’s called REST. 

Players sitting out of games are very frowned upon but, do you know what else is frowned upon as well? Losing NBA titles. 

Remember those Michael Jordan fans that I spoke about in a previous blog?Once again they are front and center, praising their god. Speaking of how Michael Jordan played 82 games every season. Blah Blah Blah. What isn’t mentioned is the year he took off after the first three-peat and retiring after the second(three-peat) before returning three years later to play for the Washington Wizards. 

To me, if that’s not rest, then I don’t know what rest is. 

MJ is the standard right? At this point, we’re talking six straight NBA finals between Lebron and Jordan. The difference is Lebron’s six are consecutive. 

There’s stats to show that current and former players have played more minutes than Lebron in previous years. Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Derrick Rose, Luol Deng. The list goes on and on. Those names that I did mention, which one of them have an NBA title to show for those minutes?

The game is played for the ultimate prize. Not the fans.


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