Thirty point loss begins the Boogie-Brow era

  As we all have known since Sunday, the Demarcus Cousins circus has a new location. On Thursday night, we finally got to see the big top in “The Big Easy”. 

One of Cousins’ main tricks, the double-double, was front and center again with a 27 point(11/19, 57%), 14 rebound performance. He also added five steals, five assists, and four blocks. 

Demarcus Cousins’ new assistant, and 2017 NBA all star game mvp, Anthony Davis, put on a 29 point performance as well.

Even though James Harden and the Rockets gave the Pelicans a thorough whooping, Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins showed glimpses of being the dominant duo that we all expected them to be. The chemistry is there. A competent supporting cast is not. Only time will tell in the final months of the season how long a new situation and organization will keep away the other tricks of Demarcus Cousins, such as, the short fuse temper tantrums and the technical foul accumulation. 

We have not seen a duo of this magnitude since Tim Duncan and David Robinson, so I will definitely be tuned in to every moment this duo spends together on the court and I will be rooting for the best possible outcome. 


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