Why not?

Terrell Owens took to twitter Saturday evening to let his followers know that once again, he was not voted into the pro football hall of fame. The tweet read “Unfortunately I DID NOT MAKE IT again this year. Thanks to all my fans and supporters. #FlawedProcess”. He followed that tweet with a few more that expressed his disappointment. I don’t blame him. 

In Owens’ 15 year career, the only thing he hasn’t achieved was a championship ring. Unfortunately that includes being a pain in the side of fellow coaches and teammates but the honor of being called a hall of famer is about what you do on the field. Between the lines. When it comes to that topic, T.O. was without a doubt, one of the best. 

He has the 2nd most receiving yards in NFL history with 15,934. Only receiver with more receiving yards than Owens is Jerry Rice. His 153 touchdowns has him ranked 3rd in NFL history. Only behind Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. What’s worse is, Owens has 23 more touchdowns than the man who is ranked 4th behind him in touchdowns but that man is in the hall of fame. That man’s name is Cris Carter.

It will be a shame if this great player doesn’t get into the hall of fame. Terrell Owens played for five teams in his career(Niners,Eagles,Cowboys,Bengals,Bills) and for all five teams, Owens would lead the teams in receiving during the seasons he played for them. 

What more do the voters want from this man? I say let the past be the past. Well, let the past distractions be the past. Let his past play on the field be recognized. He’s more than earned it.


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