Good Times

You may know former NBA star Stephen Jackson as a fierce competitor. The 42nd overall pick in the 1997 draft. A guy who has a career average(14 years) of 15.1 points per game. One of the key pieces to the 06′-07′ Warriors team that knocked the #1 seeded Dallas Mavericks out of the playoffs. What about Marijuana user? Better yet, Pregame marijuana user?Welp…me either.
During the I Am Rapaport:Stereo Podcast, hosted by actor Michael RapaportStephen Jackson admitted to smoking marijuana before games during his years in Golden State. “I just gotta be real, you know, it’s been a couple games where I smoked before games and had great games” said Jackson. He also added that there were times where he didn’t have his best moments. Jackson stated, “It’s been some games where I smoked before the game and was on the bench after three minutes sitting on the sideline, ‘Please calm down. This high has to calm down.–I done shot three shots that went over the backboard, like, I’m going to be honest, like, ‘Ahh,I gotta calm down.'”

Can’t lie…As a civilian…hearing, reading and writing those facts are mind blowing. Here’s the part where you need another head. Not only did Jackson reveal his marijuana use. He also revealed that head coach Don Nelson KNEW of his marijuana use.       😦💥😦💥                                                              “We’re in Utah, and the [league’s] drug test people are around, you know, to get our last drug test so we can smoke, right? Don Nelson, we talked about weed all the time. He was cool with talking about weed. We got our last test in Utah, right? So me and [teammate] Baron [Davis] are coming out the locker room just screaming, excited with our last pink slip saying we could smoke for the rest of the season, and Don Nelson hauls ass down there giving us high-fives, like, ‘Yeah, we can smoke now!'” Jackson recalled. “It was cool, the fact that he knows what’s going on off the court with his players, which was great, man. We enjoyed it. That’s why we were a great team.”

Jackson spent 4 seasons with the Golden State Warriors and from his stats, I can’t say marijuana was to blame for anything the team didn’t achieve. He averaged 19 points and 5 assists while shooting 41% from the field and 34% from behind the arc annnnnnd was a 82% free throw shooter. 

I guess if you smoke good, you play good.


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