One and Done

I would say if you blinked you would have missed Robert Griffin’s debut with the Cleveland Browns, but I would be over-exaggerating. Unless you were watching a different game and didnt tune in until the last five minutes. 

In the Browns 29-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, RG3 would complete 46% of his passes(12-26) for 190 yards with zero touchdowns and one interception before breaking the coracoid bone in his left shoulder in a collision with Eagles safety Jalen Mills with 3:41 left in the 4th quarter. 

At first sight it looks like RG3 tried to lower his shoulder towards end of a scramble out of bounds, but not only does he deny trying to run over Jalen Mills, video shows that Mills’ teammate Ron Brooks pushed RG3 in his back. Causing RG3 to uncontrollably run into Jalen Mills. 

The unfortunate collision has cost RG3 8 games at the least. He will be evaluated in 3-4 weeks to determine if surgery will be needed to repair the broken bone in his shoulder. It could also have cost the Browns a chance to having a decent season. For a franchise that has only made the playoffs once since 1999, you can bet that RG3 was one of the pieces expected to complete the puzzle of Cleveland’s playoff hopes.

For RG3, the injury bug is nothing new and has played a big factor in the fall of the star quarterback. 

In his first two season in the NFL, RG3 played in 28 games(not including playoffs) and accumulated 6400 pass yards with 36 td’s and 17 interceptions. He also rushed for a total of 1300 rushing yards. Since those two seasons, he has played in only 10 games. 9 of them were from the 2014 season. He was inactive for the 2015 season. 

RG3’s career injuries include two major knee injuries, a dislocated ankle, back problems, a concussion, and now a shoulder injury.

It is uncertain if we will see RG3 in a Browns uniform again this season. If not, I hope to see him on a football field again in the future.

Get Well Soon Mr.Griffin


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