I know it’s only the preseason in the NFL, but I have to take the time to give Dak Prescott a little praise. Before the start of the preseason there were questions about who would replace Kellen Moore as the #2 quarterback on the depth chart. Moore broke his right fibula earlier in training camp. The Cowboys were looking to possibly sign a veteran quarterback out of free agency but they changed their minds and it was the right call because since the start of the preseason, Dak Prescott has done nothing but exceeded expectations of not only Cowboys nation(and myself) but also the entire sports world. 

  Through 3 preseason games so far, Prescott has thrown for 454yds with 5tds 0int’s and completing 78% of his passes while averaging 9 yards per completion. If you ask me, I’d say he has definitely guaranteed himself that 2nd string job behind Tony Romo. Honestly, as ouchy as Tony Romo is, I wouldnt be surprised to see Dak Prescott start a few games in the regular season. 

  Like I said, I know its just the preseason but you have to admit that Prescott has passed the eye test. 


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